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Since Im treating this like a game I chose to do a little role playing and I became the customer. I began with phone ability measuring with my other gamers. I rang each pest company on the shore and pretended to know nothing regarding pest control. I requested questions from What is a termite inspection and How come I need to have one How much What chemicals do you use Why are they dangerous Do I must leave the home I wanted to re evaluate just how much knowledge the telephone staff knew about pest control.

Not many companies have invested in office personnel training. Another advantage coming my way! My Phone mannerisms and approach will be much more clear and concise and user friendly for the national home owner. In terms of the prices, they varied radically and all provided different warranties. As a customer, I was starting to get a little frustrated in the differences in each company.

I made a tactical move in my own match and quoted my prices a little more than the other players. On this movement it was a win for me. Majority of our customers decided to use us for the simple reason we were more expensive. They felt they were getting a better service with a higher quality of work because they were paying more.

You must have the ability to justify why you're more expensive. .

Not known Incorrect Statements About Termite Control Meaning

Laguna Pest Control pride themselves in providing one of the best services in the Noosa Area along with high standard quality workmanship. Most businesses would state Thats easy done. I can tell you that its not. It doesnt matter how qualified you are, how well you treat your clients or how many awards you win, with no great marketing machine in action you're going nowhere.

One of the very first business decisions I created besides having a business plan was to focus on our brand equity. How can our brand seen by others  The value premium that our company will generate from our service with our recognised name. Are our customers going to be loyal How satisfied will our customers be Our resource our base of customers is going to be the most important, giving us the best to win in the market place and also the match Im playing.

For new business owners who do not know what brand equity is learn it! I set a lot of my time into our brand and reputation and continue to do so. Brand equity will reduce your marketing costs over time. You will bring in new clients through awareness and reassurance. You'll have time to respond to competitive threats.

If your brand is visible it gains consideration. Your brand will reveal commitment. Brand equity gives reason to book through you and creates a positive mindset. .

How Termite Control Medicine can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

All games have rules. If you dont stick by the rules you're not going to win. Whether there are 2 players, or even 20 players you still need to abide by the rules of this sport. This is the same as your pest control business. Think of systems exactly the same as principles.

You must abide by the systems you need in your work area. I am a strict disciplinarian for having systems in place. You need to have a procedure that's employed as a delivery mechanism for providing the support to your customers. Familiarise yourself with a fantastic business system and stick to it. .

When playing a match, you must be on top of your own match to continue winning. Just because you win once, doesnt mean you will keep on top. You need to continue to be effective in your game moves. Think what you are recommending to your clients. Believe in the merchandise you are using.

All About Termite Control Meaning

If the clients see you love your job, it will win you extra points. This applies to both the office staff and technicians. When employing additional staff just keep in mind that everyone has their own unique personality and also a way of dealing with clients. Some customers need special attention. Train your staff how to handle the special customers.

I would rather say special client instead of a difficult client. I will be honest in More Help saying 99% of our hard customers have turned into our very best customers because we applied special attention. Most of the time they're only difficult since there has been a communication problem or else they dont understand the treatment.

Termite Control Medicine Names Things To Know Before You Buy

A challenging customer can be averted with a good system in place. .

Thinking beyond the sport is more than just a business clich. Laguna Pest Control has managed to construct a solid brand equity because of thinking away from the game. Know your game. Know the principles and know how to play it. Remember each game is different, every game needs to be played differently and has a different set of rules.

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